Amidst the lush landscapes of Bali lies the magnificent Tegenungan Waterfall, a hidden gem that captivates every visitor with its raw beauty and tranquil ambiance. Situated in the village of Kemenuh, this awe-inspiring waterfall provides a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle, inviting travelers to bask in the splendor of unspoiled nature.

Where is Tegenungan Waterfall Located?

Tegenungan Waterfall graces the village of Tegenungan Kemenuh, roughly 10 kilometers east of Ubud, Bali’s cultural heart. Its proximity to Ubud makes it a convenient day trip or a scenic stop on a wider Bali adventure.

Is Tegenungan Waterfall Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Tegenungan Waterfall is a haven for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and anyone yearning for a tranquil escape. Here’s why it deserves a spot on your Bali itinerary:

  • Mesmerizing Beauty: Cascading down moss-covered rocks into a crystal-clear pool, Tegenungan Waterfall exudes an air of natural charm. Lush greenery envelopes the area, creating a picture-perfect oasis.
  • Refreshing Dip: Take a plunge into the cool pool beneath the waterfall, letting the cascading water massage away your worries. The invigorating dip is a welcome respite from the tropical heat.
  • Cultural Significance: For the Balinese, Tegenungan Waterfall holds deep spiritual significance. Witnessing traditional offerings and ceremonies adds a unique dimension to your visit.
  • Convenient Access: Located just a short drive from Ubud, Tegenungan Waterfall is easily accessible by car or scooter. Well-maintained paths and stairs lead to the falls, making it suitable for most visitors.

What to Expect at Tegenungan Waterfall

  • Entrance Fee: A minimal entrance fee is charged for access to the waterfall.
  • Facilities: Basic amenities like changing rooms, toilets, and food stalls are available.
  • Activities: Swimming, cliff jumping (at your own risk), and soaking in the pool are popular activities. You can also explore the surrounding rice paddies and villages.
  • Souvenirs: Local vendors sell handmade crafts and trinkets near the entrance.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Tegenungan Waterfall?

The entrance fee to Tegenungan Waterfall is around IDR 20,000 per person, which is roughly USD 1.50. This makes it an incredibly affordable experience.

What are the BEST Ways to Get to Tegenungan Waterfall?

  • Scooter/motorbike: The most convenient and budget-friendly option, offering flexibility and the chance to explore the surrounding countryside.
  • Car/taxi: A comfortable and hassle-free choice, ideal for larger groups or those with luggage.
  • Tour: Several tour operators offer excursions to Tegenungan Waterfall, often combined with other Ubud attractions.

Can You Park at the Waterfall?

Yes, ample parking space is available near the entrance of Tegenungan Waterfall. It’s best to arrive early during peak season to secure a spot.

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What are the Best Tours to Visit the Waterfall?

Many Ubud tours include Tegenungan Waterfall as part of their itinerary. These tours are a great option for those who want a hassle-free experience and prefer guided commentary. Some popular options include:

  • Ubud Highlights Tour: This half-day tour typically covers Tegenungan Waterfall, Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, and Tegalalang Rice Terraces.
  • Best of Ubud Waterfalls Tour: This tour takes you to Tegenungan Waterfall, Kanto Lampo Waterfall, and Tukad Cepung Waterfall, showcasing the best of Ubud’s cascading beauties.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Tegenungan Waterfall?

The best time to visit Tegenungan Waterfall is during the dry season, from May to September. The weather is sunny and dry, making it ideal for swimming and exploring the area. However, the waterfall can get crowded during peak season. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting during the shoulder months (April-May and October-November).

TOP TIPS for Visiting Tegenungan Waterfall

  • Wear comfortable shoes with good grip, as the paths can be slippery.
  • Bring swimwear and a towel if you plan to swim.
  • Apply sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Be respectful of the local culture and dress modestly when entering the waterfall area.
  • Avoid littering and help keep the waterfall clean.

Accessibility at the Waterfall

While there are paths and stairs leading to the waterfall, Tegenungan might not be easily accessible for visitors with disabilities due to uneven terrain and steps.

What Should You Bring to the Waterfall?

  • Refillable water bottle: Stay hydrated, especially during the hot Balinese sun.
  • Swimwear and towel: For a refreshing dip in the waterfall pool.
  • Quick-drying clothes: To change into after swimming.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses: Protect yourself from the strong sun.
  • Hat: Keep the sun out of your face.
  • Money: For entrance fees, food, and souvenirs.
  • Waterproof camera/phone case: Capture memories of your waterfall adventure.
  • Snacks: Especially if you plan on spending a longer time at the waterfall.
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Things to Do Near the Waterfall:

  • Explore Tegenungan Village: Wander through the charming village, visit local temples, and experience authentic Balinese life.
  • Visit Kanto Lampo Waterfall: Another beautiful waterfall located near Tegenungan, slightly smaller but offering a more serene atmosphere.
  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces: Witness the breathtaking beauty of these iconic rice terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Ubud Monkey Forest: Encounter playful monkeys in their natural habitat and explore the sacred Monkey Forest Temple.
  • Ubud Art Market: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Ubud by browsing through handicrafts, paintings, and souvenirs made by local artisans.

What Other Waterfalls Can You Visit in Bali?

Bali boasts numerous waterfalls, each with its own unique character. Here are a few other notable options:

  • Munduk Waterfall: A hidden gem tucked away in the mountains, offering stunning views and a refreshing plunge pool.
  • Sekumpul Waterfall: A series of cascading waterfalls deep within the jungle, accessible via a scenic hike.
  • Nungnung Waterfall: A majestic waterfall surrounded by lush rice paddies, offering a challenging yet rewarding hike.
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall: A hidden waterfall within a cave, accessible through a short, adventurous trek.


  • Be respectful of the local environment and culture.
  • Practice sustainable tourism and leave no trace behind.
  • Support the local community by buying souvenirs from local vendors and trying authentic Balinese cuisine.

With these tips and the information provided, you can plan your perfect Bali adventure, including an unforgettable visit to the captivating Tegenungan Waterfall!

The Cascade’s Charm

Tegenungan Waterfall descends with a resounding roar, its clear waters cascading gracefully over a cliff, enveloped by vibrant green foliage. The waterfall stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, its powerful flow creating a soothing melody that resonates through the verdant surroundings.

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Tegenungan Waterfall

Venture to the Waterfall

The journey to Tegenungan Waterfall is an adventure in itself, with paths winding through the lush landscapes, offering glimpses of the region’s rich biodiversity. As visitors approach the waterfall, the air becomes cooler, filled with the mist from the cascading waters.

Private Tours to Tegenungan Waterfall

Immerse in the Beauty of Tegenungan Waterfall! Experience the allure of Tegenungan Waterfall with our tailored private tours. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the scenic paths, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey to the waterfall. Secure your private tour now and relish the enchanting allure of Tegenungan Waterfall.

Activities at Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall presents a myriad of activities for every visitor. Immerse in the natural pools beneath the waterfall, feeling the refreshing touch of the pristine waters. Photography enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to capture the cascade’s beauty, with various vantage points offering stunning perspectives.

Nearby Attractions

The vicinity of Tegenungan Waterfall boasts additional attractions enhancing the travel experience. Explore the local village to experience Balinese culture, visit the art markets, and savor traditional Balinese cuisine at nearby eateries, complementing the waterfall visit with cultural and culinary exploration.

Practical Information

For a comfortable visit to Tegenungan Waterfall, it’s advisable to wear sturdy footwear for the trek, carry water for hydration, and pack a swimsuit for a delightful dip in the natural pools.


In conclusion, Tegenungan Waterfall stands as a beacon of natural splendor, offering a resplendent retreat amidst the embracing arms of nature. The waterfall’s breathtaking beauty, the array of activities, and the surrounding attractions combine to provide a holistic and unforgettable travel experience, leaving indelible imprints on every traveler’s heart.